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12 Chinese Movies with English Subtitles


Watch movies to learn Chinese, they said.

It’ll be fun, they said.

But if you aren’t already proficient in the language, watching Chinese movies is just plain overwhelming.

It’s a tricky language! How are you supposed to follow along …

Learn Chinese for Free: 7 Ways to Practice Chinese Without Spending a Dime

learn chinese free

College Chinese courses.

One-on-one tutors.

Chinese textbooks.

I won’t lie—these are all fantastic resources for learning Chinese.

But they all come with one major drawback: They can be expensive.

We often equate higher costs with higher …

From Beginner to Fluency: How to Learn the Chinese Language


Okay, so there’s pinyin and characters.

That’s pretty simple, right?

Wait. When learning Chinese characters, you can either learn simplified or traditional characters. Or both.

There are also four tones. But also a neutral tone. So… are there …