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Top 8 Fright Night Phrases


Secretly, we all wish we were still young and wide-eyed enough to put enough effort into that perfect costume, to go trick or treating with an empty pumpkin or pillow case in hand and fill with free candy.

So …

Chengyu For All You Efficient People


It’s all about efficiency. Today we’ve got our smart phones synced to our life and every application invented to help maximize time. To buy that new camera or that small laptop notebook? Oh! Decisions…

Why not kill two birds …

Lessons in Learning Chinese: Alex Luo


This week on our Lessons in Learning Chinese series, we feature Alex Luo! In her own words:

Hey! My name is Alex Luo. I’m 23, and have roots in New York, Boston, and Seattle. I just recently moved to

5 Great Wining and Dining Phrases


Table etiquette in China can get complicated, but doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

The first obstacle is to be able to actually pick up chopsticks.

The next obstacle is to be able to say the right things at the table,

How To Describe China Holiday Insanity


1.3 BILLION people on holiday. Can you imagine the insanity? Pushing, shoving, line cutting, invasion of personal space, and that rush to snag an empty seat. The traffic forecast for Beijing: congestion index of 9.5. In English?  With a …

Bargaining 101: 5 Words to Get That Deal


We’ve all been there. Something in a shop catches our eye and screams, buy me! The mission? 

  1. Negotiate a reasonable price with that smooth talking, overbearing sales person.
  2. Don’t get tricked.

It’s essential to be able to 讨价还价 (tǎo jià …