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Hot on Weibo: “My Mom is Always Saying…”


Whether it be sage advice, nagging reminders, pesky intrusions, or reassuring comfort, mothers around the world offer steady streams of profound lessons and petty

Lessons in Learning Chinese: Matt Owen


Today we feature an old friend of ours here at FluentU.  Matt Owen came to China on a whim in 2006, and ended up

Top Chengyus to Describe FluentU Launch!


If you are currently reading this, no doubt you have already signed up for FluentU beta (and if not, then stop reading and go!

FluentU Launching Public Beta in 3 Days!


Since announcing our planned beta launch less than two short weeks ago, we have welcomed hundreds of new users, uploaded dozens of new

Lessons in Learning Chinese: Kevin Lewis


Today we are proud to feature Kevin Lewis.  As Principal of Mandarin World in Shanghai, we are thrilled to get his tips and advice …

No Nonsense Newbie Tips: Question Particles 吗, 吧, 呢


One of the pure joys and enduring charms of spoken Chinese is the prevalence of “exclamatory particles”.  

These are one syllable, neutral tone words …