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4 Smart Tips to Improve Your Advanced Chinese Conversation

advanced Chinese conversation

Ah, that warm, happy feeling.

That grin of accomplishment on your face.

Can you remember it?

You know, the joy you felt that very …

Moving on Up: 9 Must-know Chinese Grammar Patterns for the Intermediate Learner

intermediate chinese grammar

Remember cubbies, sharing and nap time?

It’s a distant memory, isn’t it?

Our kindergarten days are long past.

So we’d better sound like we’ve …

How to Make Your Mandarin Take Off with Easy Chinese Books

easy chinese books

The first steps to improving your Chinese reading skills can be intimidating.

You may be thinking—why bother with reading when you can’t even recognize …

Learn Spoken Chinese Like a Pro: What You Need to Know to Succeed

learn spoken chinese like a pro what you need to know to succeed

You may think that it will take you years to be able to speak Mandarin Chinese.

Why even bother when you will never …

How to Improve Your Chinese Daily: The 4 Essential Elements


Does the process of learning the complex Chinese language feel like total chaos?

Then it is time for you to get organized and start …