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7 Awesome Chinese Idioms with Dragons


Do you know what the dragon symbolizes for Chinese people?

The dragon has been a sacred creature since ancient times. It is the king of beasts and represents strength, wisdom, rule, and unlimited potential. Chinese people still consider themselves descendants …

Chinese idiom for “strong start, weak finish”


Are you off to a strong start for 2012?

Then don’t forget to keep pushing for a strong finish.

Because otherwise you’d just end up with 虎头蛇尾 (hǔ tóu shé wěi).

虎头蛇尾 (hǔ tóu shé wěi) literally means a “tiger

Remember to do this in 2012


What will your 2012 be like?

A pivotal year with big decisions to be made?

If so, don’t forget to take a moment to 深思熟虑 (shēn sī shú lǜ).

深思熟虑 (shēn sī shú lǜ) means to think deeply and carefully