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Chinese Slang: The “Rushing Clan”


Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day?

Do you feel the pressure of high housing, medical, and car costs?

Then maybe you’re a member of the “rushing clan”! 

奔奔族 (bēn bēn zú) is a Chinese slang

Chinese Slang: “Company Moths”


Are you a workaholic?

Or do you spend most of your life next to your office?

A new Chinese slang word has appeared for this: 公司驻虫 (gōng sī zhù chóng).

公司驻虫 (gōng sī zhù chóng) are young, white collar workers

China’s New “Her Economy” and “Mistress Experts”


The “Her Economy.”

The “mid-lifers.”

The “mistress experts.”

Do you know these new words that have been coined for the Chinese economy?

她经济 (tā jīng jì), literally “her economy,” is the notion that with the rise of womens’ economic power

Our blog now also covers Beginner Chinese!

beginner chinese blog

Our blog is expanding to also cover Beginner Chinese.

We’ll keep focusing on to-the-point explanations and real-world examples.

And we’ll keep scratching those hard-to-scratch itches.

To start, we’ll have 3 series for Beginner Chinese:

  1. Chinese Grammar Tips: where

Chinese Vocabulary Word List: Shanghai Cuisine

Chinese Shanghai food cuisine word name list

Are you eating the same things all the time at Chinese restaurants?

Are your Chinese friends not impressed anymore when you order Chinese food?

If so, maybe it’s time you got out of your Chinese food ordering rut.

To that