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Hot on Weibo: Study Hard Or Else…


Weibo has been buzzing with a new hashtag that was born after an encounter at the zoo.

A zookeeper at the Beijing zoo was cleaning up after the ostriches, and overheard a passing woman telling her son “if you don’t

3 Ways to Say Funny: 好笑 vs 可笑 vs 幽默


Do you know these 3 ways to say funny: 好笑 , 可笑, 幽默 ?

How about the differences between them?

They might sound similar but they’re actually different – don’t get them mixed up!

The best place to start is

The Hot New Sacrifice for Tomb Sweeping Day: Paper iPhone


It’s almost April 4th, meaning that 清明节 (qīng míng jié), aka “Tomb Sweeping Day” is almost upon us.

This is the holiday when Chinese people go back to their ancestors’ graves to pay their respects. Traditionally, people burn sacrificial offerings …