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When you’re feeling defiant – 不服


Today we cover a word that is truly Chinese. It has no direct English counterpart and using it will make your Chinese sound more real and authentic: 不服 (bùfú).

不服 basically means to refuse to submit or yield to someone’s

How do you say you “lack” something? 缺少 vs 缺乏


No doubt that you’ve often seen 缺少 (quēshǎo) and 缺乏 (quēfá) being used, but have you ever stopped to consider their subtle differences in meaning? Both 缺少 (quēshǎo) and 缺乏 (quēfá) mean “to lack” but they’re not always interchangeable.


Essential Chengyu: Are you just happy or 兴高采烈?


高兴 (gāoxìng – happy) is a useful word you learned in first year Chinese, but perhaps it’s time that you found synonyms that let you express yourself with more nuance? We have one for you: 兴高采烈 (xìnggāocǎiliè).

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