50 Essential Chengyu: Chinese Idioms Made Simple E-book

We’ve taken 50 practical Chinese idioms and put them together in a neat, organized e-book that’s essential for being fluent in Chinese.

A lot of the chengyu are found from our blog posts under our “essential chengyu” category. What’s great is that this e-book has 50 of the most used and practical Chinese idioms.

I mean, “just tossing an idea out there,” but wouldn’t it be great to learn phrases like “kill two birds with one stone,” “cream of the crop” or “through thick and thin” to turn some heads?

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What the “50 Essential Chengyu” e-book has:

1. 50 useful, hand picked idioms that can be the ace up your sleeve to wow your friends

We’ve made it so that the chengyu in this e-book are practical, useful and can be used in daily conversations. You won’t be disappointed that you’ve spent time learning a chengyu from this e-book, only to find out later that it’s archaic and no one uses it.


2. Detailed explanations of what each chengyu means so that you can deliver the right idiom at the right time

We’ve taken the time to personally translate each chengyu into English so that you’re getting a precise definition. With additional example sentences, you’ll be able to see in which context to use the chengyu.


3. Real-world example sentences found in the wild

Our philosophy is to learn a language as it is used by the native people in real life. We deliberately use authentic materials because you can get a richer understanding and more cultural context.


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