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Our blog now also covers Beginner Chinese!

Our blog is expanding to also cover Beginner Chinese.

We’ll keep focusing on to-the-point explanations and real-world examples.

And we’ll keep scratching those hard-to-scratch itches.

To start, we’ll have 3 series for Beginner Chinese:

  1. Chinese Grammar Tips: where we break down tricky Chinese grammar.
  2. Chinese Slang 101: where we help beginners learn must-know Chinese slang.
  3. Chinese Vocab 101: where we help beginners get the hang of tricky Chinese words.
For our Advanced Readers:

Of course, we’ll continue to write great stuff that’s tailored to your interests. 

To read only our intermediate and advanced posts, you can go to our Intermediate and Advanced Chinese section here. The RSS feed for just Intermediate and Advanced posts is also on that page.

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