Our best posts of 2011

A collection of our best posts from 2011, according to you (and me too):

10. Business Chinese vocab word list: Job titles and positions

Perhaps not our most creative post, but many of you found this “super useful.” We’ll have more word lists coming!

9. Essential Chengyu: Warren Buffett’s favorite

OK, I never actually got to ask him. But I’m positive he’d like this one.

8. Chinese Slang 101: How to say someone is making a fool out of himself

I still can’t help but smile thinking about poor Huang Xiaoming. Make sure you check out the video. :)

7. Chinese Learning Tips: 10 tips for learning with Chinese language tutors

This one really came from my time in the trenches and I’m glad you guys found it useful.

6. Chinese slang to help you celebrate “Magical Singles Day”

Chinese netizens were the star of the show – especially the one looking for the father of her next child.

5. I’d stick knives in my ribs for you, man

Our blog reached new heights – one of you used this to express your feelings to your wife.

4. 5 reasons to learn Chinese through authentic video content

All of our posts came from the heart, but especially this one. It talked about the ultimate reason for the blog.

3. Chinese Slang 101: The Naked Series

One reason why I love the Chinese language. And we ventured into social commentary.

2. A secret technique for Chinese fluency: Sentence Mining

I thought some of you might think I was crazy after reading this.

1. Chinese Slang 101: “Leftover Girls” and “Diamond Wangs”

The title was misinterpreted in ways that I didn’t foresee.

Thanks for your support in 2011! 

Hope 2012 is your best year yet! 

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