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Know Your Age and Love It! How to Learn a Language at Any Age


Success has no age limit.

It can come during youth or in old age. Literary legend Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote,” is one such example. He spent his early life in the Spanish military where he …

Dive into the Science of Language Learning to Accelerate Your Studies


Science and discovery go hand in hand.

And it all starts with Curiosity.

Not, not NASA’s Mars Rover—though that Curiosity is pretty cool too—but the raw curiosity that compels us to study things and seek out answers.

What if …

8 Ways to Make Language-learning Friends and Learn Together


Being around friends is the best.

They support you when you’re down.

They laugh at your jokes even if they aren’t funny.

They’ll even tell you you’re totally justified in being angry that unicorn-themed food just isn’t magical enough.

But …

Is There a Best Time of Day to Learn a Language? How to Plan Your Studying


Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Do you jump out of bed bright and alert, or do you get moving after the sun is way up and all the coffee has kicked in?

Everyone works, thinks and …

4 Trusted Tips for Overcoming Foreign Language Anxiety


Love. Life. Fear.

What’s up with four-letter English words having so much gravity?

That last one in particular throws us for a loop, making the other two more complicated than need be.

But fear has a purpose. Though it limits …

Improve Your Accent: 5 Tips for Sounding Native in Any Foreign Language


Don’t listen to the naysayers, the haters and the skeptics.

Forget the Debbie Downers and Negative Nancys.

You can sound exactly like a native speaker.

It’s possible for a language learner to be mistaken for a native.

All it …

The Recipe for Becoming the Perfect Language Learner


A dash of study scheduling.

Mix in some authentic target language media.

And don’t forget a heaping cup of learning motivation.

The recipe for language learning perfection is easier to follow than you think!

Now, it’s true that you don’t …

4 Ways to Become a Language Learning Genius by Taking Notes


Think taking notes is boring?

Well, if you’re learning a language, taking notes not only can be interesting and exciting, but it may be essential!

Believe it or not, taking handwritten notes on a subject you’re learning isn’t just …

Language Learning Progress: 9 Ways to See How Far You’ve Come


At its best, language learning is like a really fun road trip.

You’re absorbing new sights and sounds while feeling intrepid and free.

And while you’re probably not thinking about it too hard, helpful road signs are there to …

The Dos and Don’ts of Learning Romance Languages


Romance languages—just the name can make you swoon.

But while it’s true that Romance languages like Italian and French have reputations for being a bit seductive, they actually don’t earn their name from romantic connotations.

Instead, they all derive …