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6 Worthwhile Language Learning Video Sources on the Path Less Traveled


The common path to learning a language is well worn.

You study. You practice. You study again. You practice again.

If you’re a more intrepid language learner, sometimes you feel like doing something new and exciting—something off the beaten …

What's the Most Fun Path to Fluency? 5 Addictive Language Learning Gamification Sites


“Quit playing that game and do your homework!” your mother would always say.

But what if I told you that you really don’t need to turn your games off?

What if I told you that you can actually play more

App Happy! The 6 Best iPhone Apps for Language Study


Drum roll, please.

The moment has arrived.

The stage is set.

The nominees wait eagerly in the wings, ready for download.

It’s time to give the best iPhone language learning apps their moment in the spotlight.

There are many popular

The 6 Best Free E-learning Language Courses


Put down your wallet.

You don’t need it to learn a language!

Even if you’re living on a tight budget, juggling work, school and family, or feel like you don’t have another second to spare in your day, learning a …

Sounds Like Fun: E-learning Languages the Auditory Way


As much as we’ve come to love and appreciate what Siri can do for us, she can’t teach us a second language.

Sure, we can change the language setting on our devices and get Siri to tells us jokes in …

Learn from the Best! 8 Resources to Learn a Language from Native Speakers


Let’s have a talk.

In your native language, that’s probably not too intimidating.

But if we asked you to have a talk in your target language, your heart might start to race a little.

That’s because communicating in your target …

8 Super Convenient Resources for Foreign Language E-books


If you’ve ever struggled in your language studies, then you’ve got something in common with Thomas Jefferson.

The third president of the U.S. managed to learn four languages, but he kept books in several more—and ultimately had trouble achieving …

7 Game Apps Designed for Addictive Language Learning


Want to create your own world using nothing but 3D blocks? There’s a game for that.

Want to help a plumber rescue a princess? There’s a game for that.

Want to smash cute candies into smithereens? Yeah, there’s a really …

Use These 6 Best Language Learning Apps for Kids and Unlock Your Inner Child



It’s a time of wonderment, fun and inexplicably sticky hands.

Once you’re an adult, you may find yourself reminiscing about childhood, but you can never go back. Or can you?

No, we’re not proposing you use a time machine …

7 Incredible, Innovative Apps for Learning a New Language


Setting off to learn a new language?

You’ve got a decision to make.

Will it be the beaten path? The familiar landmarks? The same old, same old?

Or will you choose the uncharted route? The unfamiliar twists and turns? You …