7 Outstanding Podcasts for Business English Learners


Concerned that native English speakers have a head start in the international business arena?

Are you struggling to make your ideas heard?

Do you feel that your current level of English language speaking and comprehension is holding you back?

Already …

8 Shockingly Good Apps for Business English Learners

8 awesome apps for business english learners

Do you want to get ahead in business?

Are you worried your English language skills aren’t good enough?

Well, do you have a smartphone or tablet?

Then there’s no need to worry!

Why not? One word: Apps!

Whether you …

Beyond Wall Street: 6 English Business Idioms You’ll Find Everywhere

global business

From Wall Street to Main Street, business idioms are absolutely everywhere.

Hey, we live in a time of internet start-ups, instant millions, big business deals and social media marketing.

Business is a strong part of our culture and our language.