The Wolf of Wall Street Guide to Financial Business English

business english from the wolf of wall street! finance 101

“The Wolf of Wall Street” uses the “f-word” a record-breaking 506 times in 180 minutes.

I did the math — that’s almost three times per minute.

So, naturally, it is the perfect movie to learn Business English.

After all, between …

How to Learn Business English Vocabulary Like a Champion


Business English is a language you have to get familiar with.

The more you hear it, the better you’ll understand it.

Unless you practice, business English will sound like a totally different language from normal English!

It doesn’t sound like …

The Secret to Killer Business Presentations in English: Grand Graphics

grand graphics the secret to killer business presentations in english

After submitting an awesome resume and spending lots of time on those business apps

…you had a successful interview and got the job! (Well done!)

But now you have to give a business presentation.

How can you make it …

How to Write Amazing English Cover Letters in 4 Simple Steps

how to write english cover letters in 4 steps

Dear Reader,

It’s time.

It’s time to lose the full-time student job and finally get a paying gig (job).

It’s time to find a job that uses your strengths, skills and natural talents.

You’re smart, you’re qualified, you’re well-spoken and …

12 Elite Business English Resources for Fluency and Career Success

international business 101 business english resources 4 learners

Money talks.

Like it or not, money’s mother tongue is English these days.

So here’s the straight dope: if you’re interested in being a successful businessperson in today’s global market, you must have a command of English.

This semester …

How to Write an Amazing English Language Resume or CV

how to write a killer english language resume

Writing an outstanding resume is necessary to get that dream job.

Without a resume that demands attention, you won’t get a call, email or interview offer.

So let’s say you’ve found the perfect job.

You’ve already spent years studying English.…

How to Rock Your Next Business Presentation in English

how to rock your next business presentation in english

Did you know Steve Jobs, one of the world’s best presenters, took two days to prepare for his presentations?

And that’s in his native language!

Do you want to give great business presentations, too?

We can’t tell you all of …