7 Resources to Kick Back With and E-learn Business English

Are you wanting to learn business English but struggling to find the time?

The good news is, I’ve got just the list of business English e-learning resources that’s perfect for busy people like you.

You can start any time, study at your own pace, at any time convenient to you and on any device.


How to Take Your E-learning into the Real Business World

It will be easiest to take these actions if you’re already a business professional. If you’re just starting out, however, don’t worry! Just do what you can. Anything you do to apply your learning will be helpful.

E-learning business English is just the beginning when it comes to business English today. There are so many online jobs and opportunities that learning the correct business English forms is pretty much a must-do!

For a complete introduction to vital business English words and the online business world, check out the video below. You’ll learn leading business English vocabulary to make sure you nail your next meet-up, event or online interview.

Attend Business Networking Events

One of the best places to practice your speaking and listening skills is at business networking events. When meeting and interacting with other business professionals at these events, be sure to use the business English vocabulary and expressions you’ve learned from your e-learning.

Engage in Small Talk

Being at a business event doesn’t mean it’s all business talk. Events often include small talk with other business people. So use small talk to gain more speaking practice and confidence in your general and business English.

Listen to Business Talks

Listening to business talks on TED or other platforms may expose you to business language you’ve encountered in your e-learning. By noting how the speaker uses this language, you can build on what you already know and find new ways to use that language yourself.

Interact with Global Business People

Use your interactions with global business people—such as in email exchanges, phone conversations and conference calls—to practice using the business English you’ve learned in your online courses.

Practice Business English on Your Business Trips

When traveling on business, use the business English and other skills you’ve gained online while negotiating with your foreign business partners, as well as for getting around airports, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Even if you can only spare a few minutes a day while on the train to work or waiting to meet a client, you can still master business English with these e-learning resources at your fingertips. Are you ready to get started?

7 Resources for E-learning Business English

Business English Pod


Business English Pod offers 500 online lessons that cover the common business English language and skills you’ll need for facing everyday situations such as meetings, negotiations, presentations and job interviews.

These audio and video lessons are easily accessible on your desktop or mobile phone. Each module comes with a transcript for you to follow as you listen, or to read again later.

If you want access to all of their current and upcoming lessons, which are also available on their mobile apps, sign up for a Premium membership. There’s a free trial available before signing up.


FluentU is a website and app that immerses you in English using authentic web videos made by and for native speakers. These videos are a great way to learn to understand English the way it sounds when native speakers use it, especially since you’re seeing the language used in context.

The library of videos includes hundreds of clips related to business English, with everything from clips of TV shows like “The Office” to informative videos about modern business culture.

Every video in FluentU has interactive captions that let you look up words and phrases while you watch, as well as flashcards and personalized quizzes to help you review what you learn.



Alison offers free online business English courses, covering everything from simple grammar and vocabulary basics to more advanced business terms you can use in your daily work.

In their free online business and travel course for English learners, for example, you’ll have the opportunity to learn conversational business English language skills through listening and dialogues.

If you’re interested in going further with your business English learning for academic or career reasons, you can choose from any of their paid business English certificate or diploma courses.



Findcourses.co.uk offers two business English distance learning courses that are listed on the Independent site.

They have a short “Business Communication: Writing Better Emails” course that teaches you the use of business English in email communication.

If you’re a finance student or professional, you can also take their “Business English for Accountants and Financial Managers” course to learn finance and accounting terminology (vocabulary) for use in spoken and written communication.



Interested in learning the language and business skills for dealing with everyday business situations? GoFluent features a wide range of videos, articles and business guides as well as grammar and vocabulary-building modules to help you master business English.

There’s even an option that lets you engage in group study sessions with other learners through chat, live video streaming and telephone conferencing in GoFluent’s Virtual Classroom.

There are also supplemental (additional) personalized products that come with your GoFluent course. For example, you can phone in to Live Lessons for personalized phone lessons with a trainer, and you can use the eWriting tool to get personalized feedback from your trainer for your written communication.

To get more information about how their courses work, go view the demo. You could also put in a free trial request to try out their courses before signing up.

London School


This business course from the London School is designed to build your business English speaking and writing skills, and give you practice and confidence in handling daily business situations.

In the practical part of the course, you’ll learn to participate in meetings, negotiations, phone conversations, etc. as well as write business correspondence. You can also opt for one-on-one tuition on Skype.

The course content is accessible from any device.

Try them out for free before signing up.

English Live


English Live’s “English for Business” course teaches simple business English language skills like writing an email or talking on the phone as well as more advanced language skills needed for conducting meetings, negotiating deals or giving presentations.

What’s interesting here is that they have teachers and study tools offering live support 24/7. That’s like being in an actual classroom where you can simply walk up to your teacher for help and get answers and explanations right away.

To see how this course works out for you, you can register to receive 24 free private classes.


With these e-learning resources, you’ll be able to learn business English no matter how busy your workday gets.

Get started as soon as you can. Every bit of language you learn will add up, and you’ll soon see yourself gaining fluency and confidence in your business English communication.

Happy learning!

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