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English for International Relations: A Glossary of 15 Key Terms


I’m not a political diplomat, but I can pretend to be one.

I mean that literally.

When I was in school, I participated in competitions called “Model United Nations,” or MUNs.

In these competitions, we held fake United Nations meetings. …

Help Your English for Aviation Skills Take Off with These 23 Words


When I was young, I wanted to be a pilot.

My parents got me a book on airplanes that described the different types of aircraft and how they stay afloat in the sky.

I remember coming across a whole lot …

20 Business English Contract Vocabulary for the Contract-Crazy Modern Age


Have you ever signed up with a phone service provider like T-mobile?

Or registered for a social media account like Instagram?

Or signed up for a health and fitness mobile app like Charity Miles or FitBit?


Learn 40+ English for Project Management Vocabulary and Expressions


Have you found yourself in charge of a project at work?

Or maybe you’ve been selected to be part of a team with very specific goals?

In either case, you’re going to need a lot of terms and phrases to …

12 Top English Phrases Used in Human Resources Today


Are you searching for a job?

Or maybe you already have a job?

To start working, everyone needs to search for good jobs.

This search helps you find the job that’s right for you.

Companies do the same …

English for Economics: An A to Z List of Words to Know


When I was younger, I just didn’t see the point of building one’s vocabulary.

Why use difficult, harder-to-pronounce words when short and simple ones can do the trick?

But of course, as I grew up, I realized the matter …

The 6-step Guide on How to Talk with Customers in English


“The customer is always right.”

It’s an old expression that most English-speaking employees know.

Does it mean that no customer has ever made a mistake before?

Are your customers really always right?

Of course not.

But the idea is that …

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