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How to Ace Every Section of the TOEIC and Supercharge Your Career


A lot of people put their English level on their resume.

But not everyone can put a TOEIC score.

The TOEIC is your ticket to a stronger resume, more job opportunities and faster promotions.

Scoring well on this respected …

4 Types of Words in Business English That’ll Automatically Improve Your Company Profile


Sometimes the most basic questions are the hardest to answer.

Who are you? What does your company do? Why should I choose you?

There’s so much you want to explain! It can be overwhelming enough in your native language.…

The Business English Index Breakdown: 4 Takeaways That Can Advance Your Career


Information is power.

That’s why you research a company before you arrive for your job interview.

And you collect information about your company’s competitors so you know what you’re up against.

Looking for some information to power up your

How to Prepare for an English MBA Program in 3 Smart Steps


Do you dream of being a CEO of a multinational company?

Do you want to have your own successful start-up?

Are you anxious to climb the corporate ladder?

If you’ve answered yes at least once to those questions, …

5 Tips for Business English Socializing Skills That Win Friends and Influence People


I can make small talk when I need to.

But I’m not an extrovert (someone who’s very comfortable in social situations). It took me a long time to build my social skills and I’m still learning.

In my experience, not …

How to Write an Essay in Persuasive Business English


I still remember the scariest part of my school exams.

We’d always get a least one totally random topic to write about in English.

Talk about terrifying!

I was worried that one day I’d get a topic that I wouldn’t …

Applying for a Job in Business English: How to Become an Irresistible Candidate


The “magic” formula has always been the same:

1. Learn the right skills

2. Put together a good CV

3. Apply for your dream job

Most of us have tried all three steps without actually getting that dream job.