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9 Hip and Handy Business English Apps for Android


You’ve just woken up.

The sun is breaking over the horizon.

You reach over the side of the bed, eyes still a bit blurry.

And what’s the first thing you grab?

If you say, “my Android,” then this article is …

The 7 Best Business English Immersion Courses You Can Take Online or in Person


Dive in!

You won’t learn how to swim by sitting on the edge of the pool.

Just like you won’t learn business English by working only in your native language.

Instead, you have to try immersion, or surrounding yourself …

These 8 Email Newsletters Make Business English Practice So Much Easier


Email has survived every social media trend and is still going strong.

The business magazine Fast Company has even called email “the next great media platform,” due to the growing popularity of email newsletters.

Yes, newsletters! And you thought they …

Vancouver Bound! Courses to Learn Business English While Living in or Visiting Vancouver


Whatever you love, you can probably find it in Vancouver, Canada.

Skiing? Beaches? Cuisines from all over the world?

Check, check and check.

How about high-quality business English courses?


If you’re visiting, working or living in Vancouver, you …

17 Article Resources to Learn Business English (and Be the Most Informed Person in the Office)


Have you heard the news?

You’re about to become the most informed person in your office.

And your business English will improve while you’re at it.

All you need are some business English articles to practice reading while getting …

Need Advanced Business English Lessons? Top 10 Sites to Bookmark


Ever heard the English phrase, “the light at the end of the tunnel?”

It means you’re nearing the end of something difficult. You’re almost there.

…Just not quite.

If you’re an advanced business English learner, we’d say that you

Business English in the U.K.: Top 9 Resources Curated for You


There isn’t just one English language.

There are many types of English from many different places that were once under British rule.

Of course, the basic rules and the grammar of the language are essentially the same everywhere. But there …