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Business English Vocabulary Exercises: 5 Sites and Apps for Powerful Practice Anywhere

Business English vocabulary exercises are too easy to reschedule.

They get pushed aside for last-minute meetings and client emergencies.

Before you know it you’re lying in bed, thinking, “Okay, I’ll do my business English vocabulary exercises tomorrow…”

Let’s make it easier for you to practice business English words.

We’ll show you five super convenient sites and apps for business English vocabulary exercises.

You can easily use them on your commute, your lunch break or any other free time.

Plus, they’re enjoyable and motivating to use. You’ll actually want to make time for them.

From now on you’ll think “I can’t wait to learn even more business words” as you fall asleep each night.

Quick Tips to Improve Your Business English Vocabulary

The honest (and best) answer is this: practice business vocabulary daily.

  • Read extensively. Make it a point to devote time every day to read the headlines of newspapers. Peruse the editorial articles on politics and culture on different websites, instead of mindlessly surfing and scrolling through social media updates.
  • Go through free vocabulary lists online. The internet is full of vocabulary lists on particular topics such as accounting and banking, so you can bookmark them and learn one or two new business words every day. And instead of just memorizing words, try to immediately make sentences with them and find opportunities to use them in day-to-day life. The more you apply what you learn, the better you’ll be.
  • Go through lists that tell you which words/phrases aren’t important. Keep in mind that business English, like any other language, is always evolving. Certain words often go out of fashion while others make a comeback. Keep an eye out for lists that focus on words no longer in use.
  • The dictionary is your best friend. You must invest in a good business English dictionary. However, an online one works just as well.
  • Sign up for a course. And finally, if you want to take the next step in your profession, give yourself a gift (and your career a boost) by signing up for a proper online business English course that’s tailor-made to meet your individual needs.

Business English Vocabulary Exercises: 5 Sites and Apps for Powerful Practice Anywhere

If you’ve always complained about not being able to go to a fancy school or afford professional English language courses, now’s the time to stop. As long as you have a decent internet connection, all the world’s best resources are just a mouse click away (and most of them are free).

And if you search correctly, you’re sure to stumble on some worthwhile paid courses as well. However, to make your work easier, here’s a list of some really helpful resources for business English vocabulary exercises that are guaranteed to work wonders.



If you haven’t started using flashcards for business English vocabulary exercises, now’s the time to begin. To get you started, check out this virtual study set on Quizlet that has a list of the most crucial terms in business English. You can take a printout of this list and learn at your own pace, or you can even create an account on the website.

Having an account lets you access more features, including completing various exercises like taking spelling tests and match-the-word tests to make the revision process more efficient and fun.

Learn English Today


Memorizing a set of business words every day is just one step. You’ll need opportunities to use those words in conversations and take regular revision tests. This is what makes business English word games and online exercises such a vital component of learning.

Learn English Today is filled with free materials and resources to help you out, with an extensive list of business English vocabulary exercises. They have separate sections covering grammar, idioms, business English, vocabulary and even word games, which contain further links to more exercises, conversation samples and other learning games.



For those intermediate and upper-advanced learners, the exercises listed on this site are sure to be a great help. They mostly focus on words belonging to the fields of finance, marketing and sales.

So if you’re facing communication issues at the workplace, you can remedy them now. The exercises and vocabulary are neatly sorted into skill levels, with special business sections. They also have a very thorough list of the most important grammar rules, which we recommend you keep bookmarked to easily reference.

Learn English Feel Good


Knowing business buzzwords is probably the least you can do when starting out, so this really short Corporate Buzzwords quiz is great as a warm-up exercise to simply gauge how much you know and don’t know.

Of course, if you like it, you can try your luck doing the other related quizzes and exercises, especially when you’re on the bus or in a waiting room. And it’s quite a large list, mind you!

Along with a huge list of business English vocabulary exercises sorted by topic and keywords, they also have printable worksheets, video- and audio-based tests as well as other relevant ESL tools.



If you’re familiar with Duolingo, you’re sure to love Mosalingua’s multiple courses, especially their business English course that you can freely access on your computer, Android or iOS smartphone. Moreover, their courses are complete with different types of exercises that are designed to help you both with business writing and speaking.

They have over 2,000 flashcards, 10 levels of difficulty and 18 categories divided into over a 100 sub-categories and several bonus categories to cover almost everything under the sun. The Mosalingua blog also contains some excellent resources as well.


So if you want to improve your business English vocabulary, you’ve got to remain committed. Remember that learning is incomplete without practicing speaking and writing, so make sure to schedule vocabulary exercises on a regular basis.

Be positive, disciplined and enthusiastic with business English vocabulary exercises, and you’ll sharpen your skills in no time!

Archita Mittra is a freelance writer, artist, educator and a self-taught Italian speaker. Feel free to contact her for freelancing inquiries.

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