Business English in the U.K.: Top 6 Resources Curated for You

There isn’t just one English language.

There are many types of English from many different places that were once under British rule.

Of course, the basic rules and the grammar of the language are essentially the same everywhere. But there are noticeable differences in the accents, word choices and pronunciation depending on where you are.

And the workplace is probably one of the first places you’ll notice those differences.

Whereas an American businessperson might take an elevator to their company’s center to request a vacation

A British businessperson would take a lift to their company’s centre to request a holiday.

So even if you’re familiar with general English or basic business English, you might not feel ready for work and life in the U.K.

Lucky for you, there are tons of British business English courses, online tools, books and other resources to get you ready! We’ll show you six of our favorites in this article.

How to Improve Your British Business English

These simple tips below will go a long way in helping you act and sound like a real British English speaker. They should also help you comfortably fit into your British workplace.

  • Know the difference between American and British words. For example, you say “flat” and not “apartment” in London and “timetable” instead of “schedule.” You also have to be careful about spelling—it’s “colour” in British English but “color” in American English.

Don’t worry if this is all new to you. Here’s our easy guide to British vs. American English that we wrote specifically for language learners.

  • Talk to British people. Be extroverted, go to pubs and try to bond with your colleagues during lunch breaks or in group projects.

Even if you aren’t currently in the U.K., I’ll bet there’s a British-style pub for expats (short for expatriates, or people who’ve moved from one country to another) in a city near you.

Business English in the U.K.: Top 6 Resources Curated for You

Below are some U.K.-based business English resources that you might like to check out. As you’ll see below, you can sign up for an online course, an offline course or do it on your own by referring to educational websites and books.

Online and Offline Courses

British Council

business-english-in-ukWhen it comes to learning business English (or even general English for that matter), British Council is a great bet. Most places have a local British Council and you can contact them to figure out the right course for you. They usually provide multiple course options based on specific needs (such as public speaking, business writing, communicative English and so on). They also usually conduct a test to assess your skill level to make sure that a particular course is the right one for you.

They provide top-quality resources and focus on your all-around development. So you won’t just learn the nuances of the language, but also British culture and how to be confident and persuasive when you speak.

If you can’t enroll for their in-person courses, you can check out their amazing online resources.

The London School of English

business-english-in-ukThe London School of English is a great language learning center that has both offline and online courses. However, if you can’t travel to London or Canterbury (where they teach business English in-person), you can still access their resources online.

Their Business English online course in particular is an all-in-one course that covers almost everything including telephone conversations, writing skills and the art of negotiation. You can access their 150 hours of learning content from any device and for a fee of £185 (about 240 USD) get six months of unlimited access to it.

Moreover, if you book a course at one of their U.K. centers within 12 months of enrolling in their online one, the online price be discounted from the in-person fees. And if you aren’t happy with the course, you can let them know in two weeks and claim a full refund.

British Study Centres

business-english-in-ukBritish Study Centres was founded way back in the 1930s and provides world-class education all over the world. Their online courses are taught via video lessons that take place on your schedule, complete with technical support and progress checks. You’ll also get a completion certificate you can put on your CV.

They have a general business English course as well as separate, skill-specific courses that cover writing skills, presentations, socializing and negotiations. So if there’s a particular area you want to focus on, this company will help you to do just that.

They also have offline courses for adults whose centers are located in major cities in the U.K., as well as in Dublin, Ireland.

St George International 


Another international school that was established in 1962, this company is focused on providing top quality English language education in London. Their business English courses are very flexible. You can opt for individual tuition or group study. They even have combination courses depending on your schedule and your specific needs.

If you’ve moved to London and you’re looking for a mentor to guide you in business English or to meet new study partners, this school is a great option for you.

Business English Reading

“Learn British English Vocabulary 101”

Learn British English - Word Power 101

This is a Kindle e-book that supplies you with the most frequently used words in British English and will help to grow your business vocabulary.

The meanings are demonstrated with sentences and there are audio recordings that can be separately downloaded, which will teach you the British English pronunciation for each word.

The book is only 116 pages long and is a must-read if you want to say the right words at the right time. If you enjoy it, you can get a lot more from EnglishClass101, created by the same team. EnglishClass101 is a self-study course that teaches the language with fun, culturally relevant audio and video lessons.


Studying business English in the U.K. and mastering British English will certainly open doors for you. Try exposing yourself to British culture more, so that you can get an idea of how British businesspeople think and act, and that’ll help you communicate with your colleagues. Soon success will follow you around.

Archita Mittra is a freelance writer, journalist, editor and educator. Feel free to check out her blog or contact her for freelancing/educational inquiries. 

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