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The 9 Best Business English Courses You Can Take Online or in Person

You won’t learn how to swim by sitting on the edge of the pool.

An immersion course is the perfect option to truly dive deep into business English.

Business English courses are usually pretty intense, with lots of class time so you’re truly surrounded by English.

We’ll show you seven great options for all types of professionals.


Visions International

Visions International Logo

Best for: Full-time study

Cost: $1375 – $2995 per week

Visions International has been providing professional coaching and mentoring for almost two decades now. Located in the beautiful city of Greenville, South Carolina (U.S.), the center runs business English immersion programs throughout the year.

You’ll spend at least 46 hours per week learning business English and you’ll receive expert guidance on giving presentations, making conference calls and building strong relationships with your colleagues.

Their courses cover both language and cultural immersion, so you’ll also get to attend business events as well as interact with a wide variety of people who are in the same professional field as you.

Their daily schedule includes group workshops, private study time and sessions on speaking, listening and reading.

Moreover, when it comes to accommodation you can even opt to stay with a host family in an English-speaking environment and have a life-changing experience!


FluentU logo

Best for: Learning with authentic media

Cost: Pricing information available here

FluentU is a language learning website and app that hosts a library of authentic English videos made for and by native speakers. The collection spans a range of topics, including business-related content, and can be filtered by difficulty level (beginner to advanced).

Each video includes interactive subtitles. As you watch, you can click on a word or expression to get its definition, pronunciation, grammar details and examples of usage. This way, you learn vocabulary and phrases in context so that you can use them confidently in real conversations.

Multimedia flashcards and personalized quizzes are offered so that you can review what you learn. The quizzes include “speaking questions” that let you practice your English pronunciation.

English at Oxford

English at Oxford Logo

Best for: One-on-one learning

Cost: €98 euros (approx $106) per hour for individual coaching

If you’re someone who prefers a one-on-one learning approach, then you might want to check out this small school in Oxford, U.K.

The venue is cozy and comfortable and you’ll feel at ease in no time. This school is particularly suited for professionals from all fields from the arts, to medicine, to the media and more.

The training is tailor-made to suit your needs, with two trainers available to teach you. You have the option to stay with a host family or in a hotel in the area.

Can’t make the trip to Oxford? The school also has a special e-learning program available to intermediate language learners and above.


Bridge English logo

Best for: Small classes

Cost: Pricing available on website

If you already have a strong grasp on English and are looking to improve your business and communication skills, BridgeEnglish might be of some help. Located in Denver, Colorado (U.S.), they have a number of immersive language programs catering to individual students as well as group classes.

If you sign up for a small group class (not more than six students) you may get to visit a local branch of a multinational corporation or attend a guest lecture by an industry professional.

You can join a “combo course,” where in addition to group workshops, you’ll also have a private instructor.

They even have a “full immersion” option where you’ll have 37.5 hours of private classes weekly along with daily lunch and conversation practice with your teacher.

There’s even an Executive Enrichment Program where you can use all that you’ve learned in the real business world. You’ll get access to special workshops, lectures and networking opportunities with major business organizations.

Bucksmore Homelingua

Bucksmore Logo

Best for: Learners ages 10-18

Cost: Around £2,470 ( $1940) per week

If you’re looking for an immersive and one-on-one learning experience in a specialized area of business English, such as aviation English or English for finance, then Homelingua promises to be your best friend.

Homelingua’s courses are 100% personalized, innovative and exciting. You can choose from different “blocks” of courses or create your very own combination course. All of their teachers are qualified professionals and in addition to regular classes, you’ll also get to partake in two half-day activities per week and even a full-day trip on a weekend.

You’ll also be provided with all the study materials and can stay in a private room at the teacher’s house.

The English Language Center’s Business English Courses

English Language Center logo

Best for: Flexible scheduling

Cost: $425 per week for Adult Summer Programs

The English Language Center’s Business English courses caters to professionals who are hoping to take their careers to the next level through a better grasp of business English. This school prides itself on the personalized attention that students receive.

The classes meet in person in small groups. Along with general business English learning, you will get special practice in presentations and public speaking skills. Though the study is intensive, scheduling is flexible to meet your personal needs.

The U.S.-based ELC has locations in Boston, Massachusetts as well as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Online Business English Specialization

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology logo

Best for: Learning online

Cost: Enroll for free

Not able to travel to an English-speaking country? You can still take intensive business English courses online.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology offers an intensive business English specialization through Coursera, an online education platform. The curriculum focuses on developing language skills that apply to the everyday workplace, external business interactions and the global workforce.

You will build your vocabulary, reading comprehension and understanding of tone—all in the context of business communication.

This specialization culminates in a “Capstone Project,” in which students pursue independent research on a topic of their choice. This is helpful because it allows you to apply your new business English skills to a project that is directly relevant to your work.

The University of Washington’s Online Business English Communication Skills Specialization

University of Washington logo

Best for: Real-life practice

Cost: Enroll for free

This specialization from the University of Washington is also offered online through Coursera. It is focused on the essentials of business English communication, including building vocabulary, improving writing skills and mastering professional interactions such as negotiations, presentations and telephone conversations.

This specialization involves lots of real-life business English practice. You will be practicing writing emails, setting up meetings, reciting phone numbers and creating promotional flyers, among many other skills.

Like the Hong Kong University course above, this intensive study program also culminates in (works its way up to) a Capstone Project. For this project, you will mix formal English with casual communication to show that you are comfortable communicating in different professional settings.

Kaplan’s Intensive Business English Course

Kaplan logo

Best for: Learning skills fast

Cost: Pricing available on website

This course is designed specifically for learning business English skills fast. It is a full-time, in-person course, meaning you will be immersed in business English and watching your skills grow rapidly.

The course comprises (includes) 20 business English lessons along with personalized learning sessions. (Scheduling itself is flexible depending on the start date and course length that you need.) Class sizes are small with a maximum of 15 students. The learning material includes business case studies and role plays.

You will also gain practical skills for getting a job in an English-speaking environment.

This Kaplan course is offered in a number of English-speaking regions, such as London in the U.K., New York City in the U.S., Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. Certain locations even offer internship placement alongside the course.


If you’re serious about mastering business English, an immersive learning experience is your best bet. So, if you’re ready to be passionate, patient and persistent, the benefits will be immense, and you’ll be an expert and informed speaker of business English in no time!

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