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27 English Phrases Call Center Representatives Can Use Over and Over Again


Do you know what company won the “Worst Company in America” award, given by Consumerist, twice?



Well, a big part of it was due to its call center customer service.

What did the call center representatives …

English for Marketing: 12 Current Phrases for Keeping Up in a Growing, Changing Field


Maybe you thought you already knew business English.

You may know how to introduce yourself and others, and how to talk on the phone in a business setting.

Having those skills can make you feel pretty confident, and …

26 Business English Metaphors to Get You “Up to Speed”

business english sentences

So, imagine you’re in a typical business meeting.

The presenter has a PowerPoint presentation that’s full of graphics. There are only a few words on the screen, so you’ll need to pay attention to what he’s saying in order …

How You Can Leverage “Shark Tank” to Learn Key Business English Terms

business english terms

Did you know that there are television shows made specifically for businesspeople?

Maybe you’re already watching American sitcoms to improve your general English vocabulary and to have fun.

Funny television shows that feature workplace situations and offices—such as “The Office”

3 Secrets to Writing Flawless English Letters for Business Purposes

business english letter

Some things never change.

Take, for example, the importance of writing business letters.

You might think that emails are the only messages we write to bosses, colleagues and clients these days.

However, even in our high-tech world, business letters …

3 Targeted Types of Questions You Must Ask in Business English Situations

business english questions

Want to hear some surprising numbers?

A recent survey showed that 92% of non-native English-speaking business professionals say that communicating in English is important for their jobs. Of course, it makes sense that almost everyone says that English is

The 15 Best Words to Add Warmth and Personality to Your Holiday Business Greetings

holiday greetings for business

It is already starting.

Cold weather, snow, bright lights, trees and sweet treats.

It is officially the season to send holiday greetings to your customers and business acquaintances.

As you start writing them, you might run into a …