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Business English Dialogues for Dynamic Discussions


One of my first jobs was working in the office of a children’s museum. I can still remember preparing to participate in my first big meeting there.

I was so anxious because I did not know what to expect.

My …

Learn English for the Office on Your Lunch Break (Tons of Phrases You Can Use Right Away)


Here’s a new way to think about English for office professionals.

You’re the star of your very own play.

You’re holding a script, which contains all the sentences you’ll speak on stage.

No searching for English words. No grammar …

Business English Grammar Secrets: 10 Things You Need to Know


One of my most embarrassing moments happened with a crowd of hundreds of people there to witness it.

I was speaking on stage and I completely jumbled up my lines. I was so embarrassed.

Thankfully, I was only in fourth …

Fluency in Your Headphones: 9 Best Business English Audiobooks


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was raving about a salad she ate at a new restaurant.

She kept going on and on about this type of salad green she had tried, which I did not recognize.

“What …