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3 English Listening Approaches to Get You Through Challenging Business Meetings

business english listening

In business meetings, you have to be on the ball.

In other words, you have to stay alert and pay attention.

This is even more true if the meeting isn’t in your native language.

If you’re still learning

Catching Up in Business English: 25 Phrasal Verbs for Excellent Communication

business english phrasal verbs

Connections, which are people you have positive professional relationships with, are extremely important in business.

Connections are equally important for business English—but now I’m talking about a completely different type of connection.

Using English for business can be very …

An Introduction to Business English for Beginners

business english for beginners

Do you need to use your English skills for your job or business soon?

I’m just taking a guess, since you are reading this blog post.

I can also guess that you might be a little worried about using English