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10 Top Business English Dictionaries for Dedicated Learners


When I was a kid, my dad never encouraged me to read story books.

Nor did he send me to a library.

Instead, he did something else.

On Sunday afternoons, he’d sit with me and a big fat dictionary that …

How to Write a Memo in Business English: 7 Simple Steps


There’s beautiful romantic poetry.

Thrilling science fiction literature.

Witty theater dialogue.

And then… there are memos.

Memos aren’t exactly the sexiest form of English writing. They’re used to communicate within a workplace, so they’re often very dry and direct.…

Learn Business English from Your Laptop with These 9 Great MOOCs


Don’t have the time or funds to attend an English-language university?

Why not let the university come to you?

That’s what the miracle of MOOCs are for.

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) lets you take courses from prestigious universities …

English for Economics: An A to Z List of Words to Know


When I was younger, I just didn’t see the point of building one’s vocabulary.

Why use difficult, harder-to-pronounce words when short and simple ones can do the trick?

But of course, as I grew up, I realized the matter …

Business English Vocabulary Exercises: 7 Sites and Apps for Powerful Practice Anywhere

business english vocabulary exercises

Business English vocabulary exercises are too easy to reschedule.

They get pushed aside for last-minute meetings and client emergencies.

Before you know it you’re lying in bed, thinking, “Okay, I’ll do my business English vocabulary exercises tomorrow…”

Let’s make it

The 6-step Guide on How to Talk with Customers in English


“The customer is always right.”

It’s an old expression that most English-speaking employees know.

Does it mean that no customer has ever made a mistake before?

Are your customers really always right?

Of course not.

But the idea is that …

5 Online Business English Writing Courses and Resources to Make Your Writing More Effective


The first time I had to send an official email, I had no idea how to write a cover letter.

Sure, you can find a “template” of a cover letter online—a simple example that you can fill in with …