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Business English in the U.K.: Top 9 Resources Curated for You


There isn’t just one English language.

There are many types of English from many different places that were once under British rule.

Of course, the basic rules and the grammar of the language are essentially the same everywhere. But there …

7 Business English Conversation Video Channels That Take the Stress Out of Office Talk


Business English isn’t just about documents and presentations.

It’s the everyday workplace talk that makes a difference.

From building trust with clients to impressing your boss, business English conversations can make your work life more productive, interesting and enjoyable.…

How to Impress Everyone at Your Next Conference: 7 Valuable English for Conferences Resources


Conferences can make anyone nervous.

Especially if you’re giving a presentation or organizing one of the events. But even if you’re just participating, you might feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Are your English skills ready for all the networking and strategizing? …

Ace Your Call Center Application with 7 English Grammar and Personality Tests

call center english grammar test

A call center job is more than just a job.

A call center job can prepare you for life.

As a call center employee, you have to improvise all the time. In most cases you’ll have no idea about the …

How to Write an Essay in Persuasive Business English


I still remember the scariest part of my school exams.

We’d always get a least one totally random topic to write about in English.

Talk about terrifying!

I was worried that one day I’d get a topic that I wouldn’t …

Applying for a Job in Business English: How to Become an Irresistible Candidate


The “magic” formula has always been the same:

1. Learn the right skills

2. Put together a good CV

3. Apply for your dream job

Most of us have tried all three steps without actually getting that dream job.


The Best Corporate English Training Courses for a More Productive Workplace


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

If you work in a corporate environment, you know this quote from Steve Jobs is true.

A corporation’s success depends on strong leadership, …

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