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Take Your Business English Training to the Next Level: 5 Tips for Busy Learners

Young boy, talking on the phone, writing notes, money and tablet

Excuse me, are you busy?

Of course you are!

We know that business people like you don’t have a lot of free time to invest in improving their business English, so we think it’s really important to be extremely efficient …

30 Easy-to-learn English Terms for Accounting

Are you an accountant or a bookkeeper, or planning to become one soon?

Even if you’re not, when you’re in business, you want to be able to talk about every aspect of business—including useful things like accounting.

No matter …

Business English Basics: 5 Easy Steps to Get You Started


Do more exercise. Stop eating junk food. Stop smoking. Learn to play the guitar. Improve your business English.

Those might look like commands or orders, but in this case they’re different. They’re actually New Year’s resolutions.

At the start of …

37 Useful Words and Phrases for Business Negotiations in English


Business people negotiate all the time.

They negotiate salaries and bonuses, details of contracts with partners, and deadlines with managers.

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure you get the most out of a negotiation

Sell Anything by Mastering English Conversations for Sales


When you think about sales, what are you thinking about?

You’re imagining some people talking, right?

One person is a customer talking about buying something, and they’re probably asking lots of questions.

Another person is selling that same …

English for Banking: 30 Terms for Spending, Lending and More

Have you ever felt like words used in banking were their own language?

English banking terms can seem foreign even to native speakers, but they’re useful for everyone.

You may want to get a job in a bank.

You may …

9 Quick Business Spelling Tricks for the Busy Learner


In your native language, do you spell words exactly like you pronounce them?

If this is the case, then spelling in English may seem tricky at first.

Whenever you learn a new word, you need to remember so many …