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The Ultimate Guide to Translation Exercise Sites, Apps and DIY Ideas


Have you ever Googled a question but, surprisingly, never found an answer?

You’re not the first one.

Yet, if you could just dig deeper, you probably could find an answer…

You just might have trouble reading it.

There’s a wealth …

9 Innovative Programs to Help You Learn a Language for Real


At some point, most of us have failed horribly at learning a language.


Because for most of us, that language was just another subject we had to take in school.

And we really didn’t have the motivation to

Use It or Lose It: The 9 Best Websites for Active Language Learning


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

This quote has been traced back centuries to Vincent van Gogh, and it’s still relevant for 21st century knowledge-seekers.

No …

How I Learned to Speak 5 Languages (and You Can, Too)


In August of 2015, I made one of the scariest—but most rewarding—decisions of my life.

I decided to become a polyglot. I wanted to successfully speak five languages: English, Arabic, German, French and Berber.

At the time, I only …

The Ultimate Guide to Private Language Lessons Online


Are you still watching entire seasons of “House of Cards” instead of studying?

If yes, then you probably should start booking private language lessons.

It’s the only way to have a disappointed face looking at you until …