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How to Learn a Language Fluently from Scratch

how to learn a language fluently

Learning a language is more about the journey than the destination.

It’s about stopping to smell the roses along the way, right?

No, just kidding.

If you wanted to smell the roses, you would go take a walk in the …

7 Surprising Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

benefits of learning a foreign language

Learning a language is hard work.

No matter how many time-saving tricks and how much language-learning experience you have, learning a language is a commitment.

So you wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t have a darn good reason.

You …

The Sound of Science: 9 Proven Techniques for Incredible Language Listening

language listening

How did you learn your first language?

Well, you listened to people talking around you, and it just sort of happened.

Your infant brain gobbled all those words and grammatical structures right up before you even knew what language …

6 Fab Tricks to Learn Any Language on a Busy Schedule

learn any language

Want to speak another language?

Having trouble finding the time to learn?

What if I told you that with a little creativity and planning ahead, you could work language learning into a busy schedule?

That’s right—language learning …

Learning Two Languages at Once? Here Are 9 Tips You’ve Gotta Use

learning two languages at once

Do you like living life on the edge?

Are you a person of extremes?

Do you do everything at 200%?

Then I bet you’re learning two languages at once, aren’t you?

For those of you whose appetites for language