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4 Hacks for Learning a Language Through Immersion Without Breaking the Bank

immersion language learning

Complete language immersion is within your grasp.

That’s right.

You have the ability to learn a language by being immersed in it, whenever and wherever you want.

Whether or not you’re in college, or going to college anytime soon.…

Why Being Bilingual Is Important for Yourself and Your Community

the importance of being bilingual

It’s 7 p.m. Work’s done and dinner’s been had.

When all else is taken care of, it’s time to study!


Or maybe it’s time to check Facebook. Or binge watch Netflix. Or play video games. Or check …

How to Amaze Natives with Your Foreign Language Pronunciation

foreign language pronunciation

“I would like a sheet of paper,” says the man. His accent is unmistakably foreign.

“Excuse me?” asks the woman behind the desk who sounds like someone has just insulted her mother.

“I need a sheet of paper. To write …

Why Any Adult Can Learn a Second Language Like Their Younger Self

can adults learn a second language

Children are like sponges.

They can absorb foreign languages so quickly.

How many of you have heard this before?

Society is flooded with messages telling you who is and who isn’t good at learning a language.

And if you asked …

Why Embracing Metacognition Is the Best Language Learning Method

best language learning method

Remember college chemistry class the night before any big exam?

You didn’t even need to be in the chemistry class—you could still tell exactly who was in the midst of a major, all-night cram session.

But how many times have …