An Amazing Way to Find the Perfect Video to Learn Vocabulary Words

Let’s say you’ve got 10 words to learn by tomorrow.

And you don’t want to go through the drudgery of making your own flashcards.

Instead, you want to see those words in action.

If only you could find the perfect video using those 10 words.

Then you’d be able to efficiently learn all of those words in context.

All the words would be connected, and we know that the fastest way to learn something is to create mental associations.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a personal tutor who can scour the web for the perfect piece of content… right?

Well, actually, it’s your lucky day.

At FluentU, we’ve just unrolled a new feature called Similar Vocab.

It’s really simple.

Basically, when you have a list of vocabulary words, you’ll be recommended videos that have those vocabulary words.

Simple right?

Just copy and paste a bunch of words into a flashcard set, and presto: you’ve got videos that are great for learning those words.

It’s another step in our mission to become the best source of authentic language learning content anywhere.

Check out this new feature on FluentU!

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