Press Play! 7 Awesome YouTube Channels for Spanish Lessons


Wouldn’t it be cool to have an on-demand Spanish tutor right in your home?

Whenever you have a nagging grammar question or don’t know how to pronounce a new word, you could just turn to your tutor and get exactly …

10 Factors That Influence How Long It Will Take You to Learn Spanish


When you first set out to learn Spanish, you might ask yourself a simple question.

Well, a question that seems simple, anyway:

“How long will it take me to learn?”

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

The amount of time …

A Crash Course to Learning Spanish with Songs


Spanish songs are among the most beautiful tunes on the planet.

Their beauty is due to the crackling energy of the music and the romance of the lyrics, which form a powerful combination that will inspire you.


Things to Consider When Planning to Learn Spanish in Spain


Are you thinking about learning Spanish in Spain?

First of all, great decision. Learning Spanish by immersion is a surefire way to quickly pick up a language and have fun doing it.

And Spain is a fantastic place to study

Assorted Accents, Structures and Styles: 9 Different Types of Spanish


Spanish comes in a wide array of regional flavors.

In other words, dialects.

But to the learner, this can sometimes seem more confusing than appealing.

Frustrated by the vast variety of Spanish accents?

Troubled by the conflicting vocab and confusing

Wanna Learn Spanish with Audio? These 30 Audio Resources Rock!


Is there an auditory equivalent of hindsight—hindhearing, maybe?

If so, I suppose it’s also 20/20.

Audio was my best Spanish learning tool, and I didn’t even realize it until long after becoming fluent in the language.

I naturally …

7 Incredible Apps for Learning to Read Spanish


Want to boost your Spanish reading skills?

You’ll need some practice.

You’ll need some snacks (fuel is always important).

You’ll need books, of course.

And you’ll also need… your smartphone?

That’s right. With Spanish reading apps, you can …