Kid at Heart? Learn Portuguese with These 7 Cartoons


It’s Saturday morning and you’re a kid again.

You’ve got a bowl of your favorite cereal and cartoons on the TV.

You don’t realize it, but you’re not just relaxing in your pajamas. You’re also learning language—picking up new words …

Learn All Your Portuguese Essentials with These Great Video Resources


If you haven’t tapped into YouTube’s educational treasures, you don’t know what you’re missing.

You can be a newbie who’s just starting to learn Portuguese or an advanced learner with years of experience, but either way, you can definitely find …

Magazines: The Coolest Way to Learn Brazilian and European Portuguese


Print, online or on a tablet—everyone loves a good magazine.

This type of media continues to be very popular and widely accessible for news junkies, current affairs fiends and all kinds of lifestyle enthusiasts.

And for Portuguese learners, that can …

Get Inspired: 7 Portuguese Blogs to Skyrocket Your Motivation


Learning Portuguese isn’t just about memorizing conjugations and nailing those tricky pronunciations.

It’s also about music and dance, finding exciting new cities and learning new cultures.

That’s where Portuguese blogs come in.

There are so many tools for learning Portuguese

10 Flashy Portuguese Flashcard Apps for for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones


Flashcards aren’t the one-trick pony that they used to be.

These days, they’re so much more than little, rectangular papers.

They’re effective learning tools that should be in every Portuguese language learner’s toolkit.

Everyone can reap the benefits of flashcard …

6 Ways Portuguese Immersion Online Can Help You Get Fluent

portuguese-immersion-online (2)

Feel like you’re not getting enough Portuguese practice?

Want to really amp up your familiarity with the language?

Then immersion might be the way to go.

And no, we’re not telling you to pack up and move abroad, …

9 of the App-solute Best Apps for Serious Portuguese Learners


I remember the days when the most exciting thing you could do on your phone was conquer the Snake game.

Fast-forward to now, and “there’s an app for that” has become something of a mantra.

Our phone screens are becoming …