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8 A+ English Language Lab Ideas to Supercharge Your Teaching


I was originally opposed to the concept of language labs.

I thought they were impersonal, outdated and not as effective as having actual face-to-face instruction time. I thought of the language labs I knew as an early ESL teacher and …

Teaching ESL as a Career: How to Start and Make the Most of It


With the world becoming a more connected place, the demand for English speakers is at an all-time high.

This also means there’s a higher demand for skilled English teachers to teach people how to navigate the English-speaking world in various …

7 Awesome ESL Video Resources, and How to Use ‘Em!


Remember movie day in class when you were a student?

It used to make me dance at my desk.

For most students, it’s exciting to see that TV rolled in or that projection screen pulled down. It means there’ll …

Start on the Right Foot: 5 Tips for a Successful First ESL Lesson


Early in my days as an English teacher, I was once thrown into a classroom of elementary students without any prior preparation.

How do you think that went?

As you would expect, it was chaos.

I had no idea about …

Find the Perfect Books for ELL Students of Any Level


I had that nightmare again last night.

The one where I’m standing in front of my ELL class with a huge, horribly dusty old textbook.

No one is paying attention. No one turned in any homework. I say to myself, …

Teaching ESL for Teens? 4 Ways to Ensure That Your Lessons Don’t Fall Flat


I remember the first time I stood in front of a classroom full of teenage ESL students.

They were apathetic, tired and clearly didn’t want to be there. Every day, my students would come to class with the same …

The 5 Top Types of DIY Homework Assignments That ESL Students Love


Did you ever have that one teacher who went the extra mile?

When I had a teacher who devoted their time to developing exciting material, I was much more engaged in the learning experience.

The lessons and homework …