American TV Shows: 8 Addicting Dramas for Advanced English Learners

english tv shows

Which sounds more exciting to you:

(1) The life of a high school science teacher who grades homework at night and likes to play soccer on the weekends.

(2) The life of a high school chemistry teacher who makes an …

Animated English: The 15 Best Animated Movies for Learning and Improving English Skills


Whether you love it or hate it, Disney’s newest animated movie “Frozen” is one of the top 10 most popular films of all time.

Millions of people fell in love with the story, sang along to the songs and were …

7 Ways You Can Learn English Faster, According to Science

how to learn english faster

It seems like everyone today is running around in a rush, always trying to move faster.

We want to do everything fastersend messages faster, get to places faster, speak faster!

However, sometimes we cannot do things fast. For …

10 Reasons Why Learning English Is the Best Decision You Ever Made

why learn english

Hello, English learner!

Do you need some motivation? Are you wondering why you are working so hard to learn English?

I’m here to help.

Imagine having a cool superpower that can help you out in many different situations, …

From “A” to “Zed”: The Differences Between American and British English

differences between american and british english

“Why do British people talk so funny?”

That’s a common question my students ask me.

But another common question is, “Why do American people talk so funny?”

It’s interesting, because those questions show that we may think something is “funny”

영어 공부를 위한 대박 블로그 10


온라인으로 영어를 공부하는데 있어서 최고의 장점과 단점은 무엇일까요?


정말 멋진 무료 자료들이 많다는 것이죠.

무료로 음악을 통해 영어를 공부할 수 있구요.

영화와 영어 팟캐스트를 통해 영어를 배우기 위한 많은 자료도 있지요.

온라인으로 영어를 공부하는 단점이요?

멋진 …

봄과 여름을 테마로 한 영어 속담 및 표현 33


긴 겨울 끝에 맞이하는 따뜻한 날씨는 정말 너무 좋지요? 

잘 가, 눈.

안녕, 유용한 영어 속담들!

봄이 이 북쪽 세상에 공식적으로 찾아왔습니다.

날은 따뜻해지고, 해는 더 오래 하늘에 떠 있지요.

이제 금방 여름이 될 거예요.

봄과 여름에 관련된 새로운 영어