The Ultimate English Vocabulary Guide For Football / Soccer


Sport is a great topic to talk about with any friend if you’re passionate about it.

Why not use it as a chance to learn more English vocabulary?

Here are all the football words and phrases you need to …

Advanced English Vocabulary: 16 Kinds of Happy

advanced english vocabulary happy

Maybe you already know the most useful English idioms and slang.

And maybe you’re no longer making the most common ESL grammar mistakes.

In that case, one of the best ways to improve your English vocabulary is to …

8 Best Apps for English Learners and ESL Students

apps for learning english

Are you learning English now?

Do you have a smartphone?


You can learn English “on the go” (while moving around) in lots of ways.

For example, you can learn with English music, YouTube channels and podcasts for English

10 Classic American Films for English Learners

Learn English with Classic Films and Movies

So, you already know that movies are a great way to learn English.

And you also know that TV shows are a great way to expand your English vocabulary.

But there’s only one problem!

You’ve got nothing to …

ESL Slang: 30 English Health and Fitness Vocabulary Words


Head, shoulders, knees, toes.

Okay, so you know where each of those body parts is located.

But when you get to the gym or watch an exercise video, the English slang in workout words can be confusing.

This post is …

12 Native English Podcasts for Learning English

learn esl english podcasts

Tired of the classroom, flashcards, and repetition?

Listen to a podcast show in English.

I’m not talking about an English learning podcast, but a science, entertainment, news or comedy show aimed at native speakers.

There are so many benefits. …

How to Learn English Through the News

learn english news

Here’s a tip for learning English.

Have a balanced diet.

Learn English with music, movies, and TV shows

…but don’t forget to learn English for the serious stuff.

At the same time that you learn English slang