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18 consejos y 3 ejemplos para escribir correos electrónicos en inglés


El Internet ha cambiado mucho en los últimos años.

Desde MySpace a Facebook, y pasando por Ask Jeeves y Google, los sitios antiguos desaparecen, mientras nuevos toman su lugar.

Sin embargo, a pesar de la expansión de las aplicaciones, los …

15 consejos geniales para aprender inglés rápido y fácil


¿Has visto la película Matrix?

Si es así, quizás recuerdes la escena donde el personaje principal, Neo, está “entrenando”.

Sin embargo, en vez de mostrar a Neo haciendo ejercicio para ser más fuerte, él simplemente recibe toda la información directamente

케이티 페리, 비욘세 등 팝 아이콘들에게서 29개의 일반적인 영어 saying을 배워 봐요!


영어를 초고속으로 향상시키고 싶으신가요?

그렇다면 케이티 페리와 비욘세를 여러분의 선생님으로 맞이하는 것은 어떨까요?

말도 안된다구요?

제가 보장합니다. 완벽하게 말이 될 거예요. 이 유명한 가수들은 여러분이 좋아하는 노래를 부르는 다른 가수들과 함께 최고의 영어 선생님이 될 수 있답니다.

왜냐구요? 여러분의 …

10 Fun, Cool YouTube Channels to Help You Learn English


According to YouTube’s statistics, over one billion people all over the world use their video sharing website.

That’s huge!

You’re probably one of those billion people, whether you watch videos every day or have just clicked on a few. …

Social English Secrets: 5 Techniques to Get You Talking


Think back to the first time you spoke English in a real, authentic social situation.

What was it like? Were you nervous?

What did you talk about? How did you start the conversation?

Did you tell a joke? …

Sing and Learn! 21 English Songs for Learning Vocabulary and Grammar


Did you know that Beyoncé and Adele are excellent English teachers?

Can you believe that famous old songs by Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Elvis Presley are perfect for learning English grammar?

Well, it’s not just about making learning fun

Chocolate or Vanilla: The Sweet Guide to Comparisons in English


Which flavor of ice cream tastes the best?

Chocolate, vanilla or perhaps something fruity?

Personally, I think vanilla ice cream is delicious, but chocolate ice cream is even better.

You probably have different opinions, though, which is completely fine.…