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Get the Popcorn Popping and Teach Foreign Languages with Videos!


Do you remember being a student, walking into your classroom and seeing the VCR or DVD player at the front of the room?

You felt so excited and happy. Movie day!

Today, the technology has changed but the excitement …

12 Incredible Apps for Organizing and Teaching Language Classes


As technology surges in use, it’s increasingly reaching every area of our lives.

Your classroom is next—that is, if technology hasn’t gotten there already!

Times are changing quicker than we realize, leaving us language educators with no option but to …

CALL Me: The Tech Savvy Teacher’s Guide to Computer Assisted Language Learning


Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) is all the rage these days.

Many educators seem to regard it as a kind of Holy Grail of student engagement.

There’s no surprise that this growing tech trend also led directly to Computer Assisted

11 Elite Resources for Top-notch TPR Training


Warning: If you follow this post, your class may never be quiet again.

Prepare for an enthusiastic classroom filled with up-and-at-’em students!

There will be talking, shouting, laughing, dancing and all kinds of lively movement.

That’s because you’re about to …

Authentic Materials in Language Teaching? Say No More!

authentic materials in language teaching

Imagine flying your Japanese class to Tokyo for a book reading.

Or dropping your Spanish class into the audience at a theater in Mexico City.

In an ideal world, we could immerse our foreign language students among native speakers whenever …

5 Smart Tips for Creating Powerful Foreign Language Worksheets (Plus Templates and Resources)


Looking for a secret weapon for your classroom?

How about a tool that can promote lesson retention, encourage target language reading and support classroom differentiation, all at once?

Sound like magic?

It’s not. You’ve probably already encountered this tool …

Get Involved! 5 Interactive Displays Perfect for Any MFL Classroom

mfl classroom displays

A language educator’s work never ends.

As our students’ competency grows, there’s always more we can provide them.

More vocabulary, more authentic materials, more activities.

It’s rewarding, but it can be exhausting, too.

So why not take the weight off …