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Total Physical Response Made Easy! A 7-step Lesson Plan Guide


It appears that this TPR thing is not just a passing fad.

Although other trends have come and gone, TPR (Total Physical Response) has held steady as one of the preferred language teaching methodologies, ever since it was first introduced …

How MFL Teachers Can Practice Differentiation in Their Classrooms


Any angler worth their salt knows that different types of fish go for different types of bait.

Likewise, as a teacher, you need to make sure you’re using different types of bait for your MFL students.

After all, each …

The CLIL Method of Teaching: 4 Ways to Implement This Method in Class


Lately, the CLIL method of teaching has become incredibly popular, mainly due to the growing interest in educating bilingual children.

If you’re still unfamiliar with it, CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning, and it’s a fabulous language …

How to Successfully Implement an Immersion Teaching Curriculum


Imagine if students could learn a language by opening up a math, history or science book.

If only there were a teaching method that allowed students to develop a firm grasp on the language and culture—and also learn …

3 Fresh Ways to Use the Audio-lingual Method in Your Class


Have you heard that the audio-lingual method is dead?

Well, it’s not!

Just because there hasn’t been much buzz about it lately doesn’t mean it has ceased to be an effective teaching tool.

What was wrong with the audio-lingual …

Teach by Talking: 5 Direct Method Techniques That Let Students Learn Like Natives


Ever heard of this language teaching approach that professes never to teach any grammar?

You won’t hear a word of English—or whatever the students’ native language is—spoken in the classrooms that operate with this method.

I’m talking about the direct …

5 Basics You Need to Achieve a Flipped Language Classroom


It’s time to flip the script on language education.

And it starts with “flipping” your own class.

What does that mean, exactly? Will you switch places with your students? Hand out worksheets upside down?

Don’t worry—it’s more straightforward than …