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7 Immersion Activities to Help Your Language Students Soar


Wish you could whisk your class away to a country where the target language is spoken?

Have you daydreamed about planning a fully immersive trip for your students?

Want to make your classes potentially even more immersive and motivational

Kill CLIL Activities: How to Truly Integrate Content and Language


Two birds with one stone. Sounds easy enough.

The founders of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) must have thought so too.

Why teach one world history class and one French class when you could teach both at the

5 Genius CLIL Games to Make Your Students Feel Smart and Accomplished


Can math help your students learn French?

Can a history lesson teach Japanese grammar?

Can you harness the power of art to tackle Chinese in the classroom?

If you’re familiar with Content and Language Integrated Learning, you know that it’s

5 TPR Activities for Kids to Get Their Wiggles Out


Tired of telling your kids to sit down and use their indoor voices?

Why not harness their energy and get them fully engaged in your lessons instead?

Introducing: Total Physical Response (TPR)!

Well, you might have already heard of …

Make It Real: 7 Foreign Language Speaking Activities That Simulate Real-world Conversation


Do you want your language students to go further than parroting back given words and sentences?

Are you looking for classroom speaking activities that get students to really, truly, actively use their brains?

That shows you care. Something tells me …

7 Fun MFL Games That’ll Make Your Mondays Feel Like Vacation


Running out of game ideas?

Think you’ve played all the games there are to play in a language classroom?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I have seven more games for your toolbox today, and they can help …

4 CLIL Art Activities for Any Foreign Language Classroom


It’s time to put down your textbook and pick up an easel.

Take off your language teacher hat and step into an art teacher’s shoes.

With a methodology called Content and Language Integrated Learning, you can branch out from …