6 Spanish Card Games for Playful Practice


Let’s shuffle your Spanish learning.

Let’s mix things up and pick out some fun, new language learning tools from the deck.

What better place to start than Spanish card games?

They’re collaborative, they’re entertaining and best of all they force …

5 Online Spanish Dictionaries to Define Your Learning


Spanish dictionaries.

The very phrase might make you run for cover as your arms hurt at the thought of lugging around such huge, cumbersome volumes.

As you imagine melodramatically dropping to the floor, exhausted and despondent, you ask yourself, “Isn’t …

5 Spanish Tutorial Websites for Linguistic Fitness


Ever broke a sweat studying Spanish?

It’s time to start pumping those grammar lessons. Running those vocab lists. Building strong, powerful language muscles (that you can show off on a Barcelona beach).

Spanish tutorials are your key to an …

Be the Talk of the Town with These 12 Guatemalan Slang Words and Phrases


So you’re set on going to Guatemala?

Planning to hike near volcanoes, swim in Lake Atitlan or roam the markets of Chichicastenango?

Hoping to be inspired by gorgeous hand-woven textiles, ancient architecture or the enduring mystery of Tikal?

Good for …

10 Magically Great Sites to Find Skype Spanish Teachers


Learning through online video chat can feel like finding a magical unicorn in your backyard.

It’s exciting! It’s captivating! It’s so majestic!

How could such an amazing thing be real?

The bad news is that your doubt of the existence …

How to Make Interactive Spanish Learning Part of Your Everyday Life


Phone calls, dinner conversations, texts, emails—they’re all interactive.

Interacting is how we exchange ideas.

So, language is inherently interactive.

Interactive is defined as “of two people or things influencing or having an effect on each …

Learn These 40 Spanish Legal Terms to Totally Rule in the Courtroom


Have you ever thought you might want to work in the legal field?

Do you dream of courtrooms, pressed suits, jury boxes and gavels?

Maybe you’ve imagined yourself in front of the judge or behind a typewriter or perhaps behind …