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¡Qué Chiva! How to Speak El Salvador's Slang Like a Native


Are you the kind of traveler who likes hidden gems?

Then put El Salvador on your travel wish list.

This tiny Central American country has more to offer than most people realize.

First off, we’re talking volcanoes—and lots of them. …

Describing People in Spanish in 5 Easy Steps


Imagine you’re in a Spanish-speaking country.

You’ve lost your travel companion and you’re checking out local establishments to see if he’s there. You attempt to ask the shop owners and various locals if they’ve seen him.

You’re desperate to find …

Words to the Wise: 9 Famous Spanish Proverbs and Idioms


What should you not throw to pigs?

If you answered “pearls,” then there’s a good chance you’re an English speaker who’s familiar with the saying “don’t cast pearls before swine.”

And you probably also know that the phrase is a …

Spanish Phone Conversation Shortcuts: 21 Versatile Phone Phrases


You don’t want to phone in learning Spanish.

But you do probably need a little phone (vocab) in your Spanish learning.

After all, you never know when you’ll need to make or receive a phone call in Spanish.

While phone …

Need Help with Beginner Spanish Grammar? Relax, Here Are 5 Lessons to Start


Let’s all just take a deep breath.

Go ahead.

Seriously, just sit back and relax.

Get all that dread you feel about learning Spanish grammar out of the way.

There. That’s all the dread you’ll feel throughout this whole post.…

Be the Talk of the Town with These 12 Guatemalan Slang Words and Phrases


So you’re set on going to Guatemala?

Planning to hike near volcanoes, swim in Lake Atitlan or roam the markets of Chichicastenango?

Hoping to be inspired by gorgeous hand-woven textiles, ancient architecture or the enduring mystery of Tikal?

Good for …

Learn These 40 Spanish Legal Terms to Totally Rule in the Courtroom


Have you ever thought you might want to work in the legal field?

Do you dream of courtrooms, pressed suits, jury boxes and gavels?

Maybe you’ve imagined yourself in front of the judge or behind a typewriter or perhaps behind …