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40 Common Words and Phrases Every Legal Professional Should Know


Have you ever thought you might want to work in the legal field?

Do you dream of courtrooms, pressed suits, jury boxes and gavels?

Maybe you’ve imagined yourself in front of the judge or behind a typewriter or perhaps behind …

Use Spanish Descriptive Adjectives to Add a Pinch of Flavor and Spice to Your Speech


Is your Spanish getting a bit bland?

If so, then you need to add some spice to your speech!

And one of the best ways to add some spice and variety to your Spanish is to use some descriptive adjectives.…

Café Craving? Here’s How to Order Coffee in Spanish


“¿Puede darme un café, por favor?”

“May I have a coffee, please?”

A simple request, right?

Think again.

When we walk into a coffee shop and order a jolt of joe, we have definite expectations concerning what we’re going …

37 Spanish Beach Vocabulary Words You Need to Bring on Your Next Vacation


The date is marked on your calendar and you’re already working on your tan.

The long hours you’ve put in at work have been totally worth it.

Okay, so maybe you can’t get Madonna’s “La isla bonita” (The Beautiful Island) …

How to Use the 20 Most Common Irregular Spanish Verbs


Let’s hear it for the outcasts.

The weirdos.

The totally, proudly irregular.

There’s a certain charm to being different—to playing by your own rules.

Even when it comes to Spanish verbs.

Right now, like a lot of Spanish …

6 Surprising Similarities Between Spanish and English That Will Help You Learn


What if I told you that you knew a lot of Spanish, but that you just were not aware of it?

No, I am not referring to your knowledge of Spanish or Latin American cuisine terms (though it may be …

20 Super Cool Spanish Phrases You Need to Know


The first thing you learn in a foreign language is basic, general conversation.

If you want to take your Spanish out of the classroom and into the real world, the second thing you learn is curse words.…