How to Volunteer and Learn Spanish: 5 Excellent Examples


Do you want to learn to speak Spanish?

And do you have a heart for positively impacting the world?

Then why not combine two passions? Learn the language while volunteering!

It’s a natural progression, really. Think about it: You’re in …

37 Spanish Beach Vocabulary Words You Need to Bring on Your Next Vacation


The date is marked on your calendar and you’re already working on your tan.

The long hours you’ve put in at work have been totally worth it.

Okay, so maybe you can’t get Madonna’s “La isla bonita” (The Beautiful Island) …

The Guide to Mastering the 20 Most Common Irregular Spanish Verbs


Let’s hear it for the outcasts.

The weirdos.

The totally, proudly irregular.

There’s a certain charm to being different—to playing by your own rules.

Even when it comes to Spanish verbs.

Right now, like a lot of Spanish …

8 Spanish Phrasebooks for Splinters, Traveling or Social Events


Typically, you’re the life of the party.

You talk to strangers while standing in line at the grocery store and it’s not uncommon for mere acquaintances to quickly become lifelong friends.

Suffice it to say, communication is your forte.

But …

Jumpstart Your Kids’ Spanish Learning with These 7 Fun Websites


Ever feel like the kids in your life exist in a different dimension than you?

In the time it takes you to walk to the kitchen and start a pot of coffee, they might’ve already said hi to all their …

8 Spanish Apps That'll Help You Crush Conjugation


I remember when a friend of mine, just starting out in Spanish, told a Venezuelan bread shop owner, “quieres pan.”

He said, “you want bread,” to a man who clearly had plenty of bread already.

He’s hardly the only Spanish …

The Top 8 Spanish Radio Apps for Language Learners


Turn the radio up and set the dial to “Spanish fluency.”

Yes, radio is still alive and well, and it’s the perfect tool for any Spanish student looking to improve his or her skills.

Think about it. Live radio gives …