7 Spanish Magazines That Help You Learn Spanish with a Pop Culture Twist


You probably know reading is essential to learning a foreign language. But do you know exactly what you want to read?

Some people don’t. Spanish learners show up at their local library, eagerly pick out a book from the Spanish …

How to Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America


Like the tango, your Spanish journey thus far has been a series of orchestrated steps.

Some stages and areas of your learning have been quick, while others have been slow and aggressive (like the Spanish subjunctive).

But in the …

Spice Up Your Daily Routine with Some Simple Spanish Tweaks


You imagine yourself in your favorite Spanish-speaking country.

You’re casually exchanging witty remarks with the locals.

You’re strolling confidently to the mercado (market) where you’ll be surrounded by the Spanish language at every stall.

You can’t help but think that …

The Ultimate Spanish Phone Conversation Cheat Sheet


You don’t want to phone in learning Spanish.

But you do probably need a little phone (vocab) in your Spanish learning.

After all, you never know when you’ll need to make or receive a phone call in Spanish.

While phone …

The Nifty, Slightly Nutty Guide to Spanish Mnemonics


Do you use Never Eat Soggy Waffles to remember the cardinal directions?

Or perhaps you’re like me, and make an L shape with your hands to remember which one is the left one?

As you may already know, these little …

Need Help with Beginner Spanish Grammar? Relax, Here Are 5 Lessons to Start


Let’s all just take a deep breath.

Go ahead.

Seriously, just sit back and relax.

Get all that dread you feel about learning Spanish grammar out of the way.

There. That’s all the dread you’ll feel throughout this whole post.…

5 Ways to Watch Movies and Learn Spanish!


In movies, anything is possible.

The action gets your heart pounding.

The romance gives you butterflies in your stomach.

The humor cracks you up.

The festive atmosphere gets you in the holiday spirit.

The dialogue helps you …