A Step-by-step Guide to Teaching Yourself Portuguese


You know those crazy infomercials that try to make perfectly normal tasks look insanely difficult?

Maybe they’ll show someone spilling food all over the kitchen to sell you an unnecessarily fancy bowl. Or someone getting crushed in a pile of

10 Portuguese and Brazilian Movies You Need to Watch on Netflix


Movie buffs, this one’s for you.

We all love a good blockbuster, and our Lusophone neighbors know how to make some interesting flicks.

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Brazil in Your Pocket: 12 Awesome Brazilian Apps for Portuguese Learners


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Tune In to These 10 Portuguese Radio Stations to Hit the Right Notes with Your Learning


There’s a reason the old-fashioned radio has stood the test of time.

It’s such a personal medium, right? You get to know radio hosts and can feel like they’re talking right to you.

And these days, you can take the …

8 Great Translator Apps for All Portuguese Learners


“Was it something I said?”

You might ask yourself that when the conversation suddenly stops and everyone seems to be looking at you.

It may have been a simple enough misunderstanding or a false friend—like trying to push a …

Listen Up! 11 Great Audio Resources for Learning Portuguese Pronunciation


There’s a reason why we have two ears but only one mouth.

To learn a language, you need to listen.

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Listen Up! 10 Groovy Portuguese Songs from Around the World


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