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Master These Japanese Question Words to Ask Your Burning Questions


How are you?

Where is the train station?

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

No matter what language you are speaking, questions (and the words use to form them) are an essential building block to communication.

It is just not possible …

Onyomi and Kunyomi: Because What You Kanji Isn’t What You Get


In written Japanese, what you see isn’t what you get.

Picture this: You’ve just begun your journey into kanji.

Things are going well until you come across a kanji you thought you knew how to read.

You were sure …

45+ Anime Vocabulary Words for Japanese Newbies


Let’s be real.

For many of those interested in learning Japanese, it all began with anime.

There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re among friends here.

However, watching anime can be a daunting method for beginners to try to learn by

Shades of Meaning: 70+ Japanese Color Words and Phrases


Do you ever feel your Japanese is like the first part of that old Claritin ad before the actor takes the antihistamine, the blurriness peels away from the screen and everything is more vivid and colorful?

Or maybe, when you …

50+ Useful Words and Phrases for Daily Life in Japan


You’ve studied hiragana and katakana.

You’ve drilled those tricky grammar rules.

But what if you just want to ask for your check at a restaurant, or get that cute person’s attention at the bar?

Sometimes when we’re studying …

How to Tell Apart Similar Kanji, Plus 20 Examples


Remember what kanji looked like before you knew any Japanese?

A pile of practically identical shapes, right?

After learning the basics of the language, you probably started seeing some differences—but it can still be incredibly easy to be fooled …

29 Genius Japanese Idioms That All Learners Should Know


Have you ever come across an odd Japanese phrase that just makes… no sense whatsoever?

You think you understand what all the individual words in the phrase mean—but that meaning doesn’t seem to mean anything.

This is a ridiculously common …