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11 Nuggets of German Bank Vocabulary for Finding Your Financial Footing Abroad


Living without a bank account is like living without air or water.

A bank account is a mandatory item on the modern-day life checklist.

I’m sure it’s that way in your home country, and things are no different in

How to Prepare Yourself for Intermediate German Courses


According to the forgetting curve hypothesis, most people will forget about half of what they learn within 24 hours of learning it.

That is, unless they take extra measures to remember what they’ve learned.

If the same material …

How to Pronounce German Words with a Surprisingly Simple Method


What’s the most beautiful language?

And which language sounds the harshest?

You’ve maybe seen the meme about different languages, where the “normal” languages like English, Spanish and French all have similar words for one thing, but then the

Do You Have a Green Thumb? Find Out While Learning 5 Uses of the German Infinitive


Let’s get down to basics.

The infinitive is one of the most fundamental building blocks of any language.

Even if you never had to diagram a sentence in school, chances are you know what an infinitive is: the unconjugated form …

Shopping for German Conversation Practice? 5 Go-to Scenarios and Sample Dialogues


Picture this.

You’ve mastered the Akkusativ, Nominativ and even the dreaded Dativ case.

You’re an expert on adjective endings.

You’re the queen of German word order and could explain it to someone in your sleep.

You believe you’ve …

16 Tip-top Words + Top Tips to Express Your German Feelings


Some may think the German language sounds cold or harsh.

I beg to differ!

Deutsch can be a wonderfully expressive language wrought with drama, oozing with emotion and seething with passion.

Those who have read the classic poets Goethe, Schiller …

From Montag to Sonntag: All About the Days of the Week in German


Say you’re in Germany, happily calling your language school to make an appointment for your evaluation to see what level you belong in.

“We have your evaluation scheduled for [indistinct sound],” the receptionist says.

What? What did he say? You …