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7 German Gestures and Body Language Tips You Need to Know About


Even though you might not realize it, we all use various gestures when we speak.

You probably don’t even realize how often you give the thumbs-up sign, shrug your shoulders or wave your hands around. (Try counting one day, …

How to Learn German by Exploring the Streets of Germany


The best way to learn a language is to be in a place where you’re surrounded by it—so where better to learn German than in Germany?

Sure, Austria or Switzerland can work as well, but Germany is the biggest of …

The Best Way to Learn German: A Music, Film and Reading Study Plan


There are so many different tools we can use on our journeys to German fluency.

Gone are the days when learning a new language meant simply memorizing endless lists of vocabulary and grammar rules.

The constantly increasing availability of all

Pssst! Here Are 7 Secrets to Building Advanced German Conversation Skills


Language is a beautiful thing.

Apart from separating us from our primate ancestors, it keeps life interesting.

Language gives us a medium for expressing ourselves and our ideas to other people, allowing us to forge relationships and experiences that can …

Where Are the Best Places to Learn German?


So, you want to learn German and you’re asking yourself, “Where should I go from here?”

That’s exactly the right question to be asking: Where should you go?

Where are the best places in the world to learn German?

Whether …

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for the DSH Test

happy woman reading a letter

There are many reasons to study in a German university.

But if you’re not a native German speaker, only one thing is standing in your way: Proving that you know the language.

Studying abroad in a German-speaking country provides …

6 Delightfully Fun Ways to Learn German with Pictures


If a picture is worth a thousand words…

… how can you make those words come to you in German?

And better yet, how can you make their meanings stick?

Well, we’re already off to a great start …