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How to Find and Watch French Movies in 5 Top Online Places


Want to become acquainted with France’s vibrant movie scene…

…without leaving your house?

Maybe you’re an aspiring cinephile with a list of top French movies you just can’t miss out on.

Maybe you’re using French-language movies to gain advanced

8 Advanced French Learning Tricks That Don't Feel Like Studying


The first mile of a marathon feels a lot shorter than the last mile.

During the first mile, your muscles are strong, nimble and ready to go.

Before you know it, it’s behind you.

By the time you hit that …

French Film Festival: 14 Movies with Subtitles for French Learners


It’s hard to forget the first time I went to France and tried to converse with real live native speakers.

For years, I’d been studying my textbooks, looking up French slang words and even reading a little French literature to …

Prime Time: The 5 Best French Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now


Many of us French students are big movie buffs and film fanatics already.

We love to cozy up on the couch with a blanket, some popcorn and a good French flick.

But what if we could turn this hobby into …

6 Diverse French Audiobooks for Well Rounded Language Learning


Is there a lazy way to learn French?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to kick up your feet and absorb the language from your recliner?

What if I told you it’s possible to do exactly that? However you …

Looking for French YouTube Channels with Subtitles? Here Are 10!


Already bored of the French you started learning not so long ago?

Or maybe you feel like you’ve already learned quite a lot of French, and are wondering what the next step is?

Whatever your language woes, the solution is …

7 Sharp Strategies for Achieving French Immersion Online


In order to become fluent in French, you have to live French, breathe French, eat French food, sleep French, drink French.

Well, you get it.

Basically, you have to intentionally put yourself in a place where people speak