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13 Great Questions and Answers in English for Common Social Situations

english-questions-and-answers (1)

Let’s face it: “Hello! How are you?” can only get you so far in life.

Your English classes have prepared you for language exams, university classes and travel—but have they prepared you for Friday night?

One reason why learning …

Your English Tourism Vocabulary List for Connecting with Absolutely Any Traveler


Some people learn English for their trip abroad, while many learn English for work.

But what if you use English for both?

For example, do you work as a hotel receptionist?

A local tour guide?

A bus driver?…

Lessons in Lyrics! How to Listen to Popular Music and Learn Important English Lessons from It


Everyone has one. That song you can’t get out of your head no matter how hard you try.

The song or album you play on repeat, over and over again.

The lyrics you always find yourself singing along to, even …

8 Videos That Will Help You Learn English Grammar and Love Poetry


The first time people saw a train on film, they fled the theater in terror.

It was reported that people thought a real train was about to crash into them.

You might have heard about it.

This is probably a …

The English Learner’s Guide to the Most Confusing Words in the Language


Slam poet and former teacher Taylor Mali says that he makes students spell definitely and beautiful over and over again, until they never misspell either one of those words again.

If you are an English learner, you have probably been …

Slow Monday? Here’s How to Order Coffee in English Like a Local


“Can I have a large, triple-shot, sugar-free, non-fat latte, please?”

If it takes a second to make sense of that, you’re not alone.

Sometimes ordering coffee is like learning a whole other language, but it’s absolutely necessary if you’re addicted …

English Reflexive Verbs and Pronouns: A Self-study Guide


Do you like to do things yourself?

Maybe you grow your own vegetables, cut your own hair and do your own repairs.

Maybe you are self-studying English, or learning English by yourself. But whether you have gotten this far …